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  • Wings

    AnimationWings Project InfoThis animated short was a part of the Major project of the Media Arts Degree at UNSW and took around

  • One Piece

    AnimationOne Piece Project InfoThis animation is a teaser of the anime "One Piece" created for expanded animation assessment in UNSW. This project

  • Re-Life

    AnimationRe-Life Project InfoThis animation was a part of the Major project of the Media Arts Degree at UNSW and took around 3

  • Moment of Truth

    Animation / VFX & CompositingMoment of Truth Project InfoThis composition is based on a character with a troubled past and as a

  • The Doorway

    VFX & CompositingThe Doorway Project InfoThis composition takes place far in the future, where technology transcends time, space, and physical matter but

  • 3D Animation

    Animation3D Animation Project InfoMain DescriptionVarious 3D animation clips including short stories and animation basics like:Body Mechanics - Fight SceneBipedal Walk CycleQuadrupedal Walk

  • Character Design/Rigging

    Character DesignCharacter Design/Rigging Character 1 Dossier Characters Name: Stinkin’ Pete Ethical Perspective: Categorical Imperative Dominated by: Emotion Greatest Strength: His ability to

  • 3D Modelling & Texturing

    3D Modelling & Texturing3D Modelling & Texturing Project InfoMain Description.All models are modelled in Autodesk Maya.All textures were created in Subtance Painter 

  • Storyboard & Artworks

    Storyboard & ArtworksStoryboard & Artworks Project InfoMain DescriptionThis is a collection of storyboards, pre-visualisation and artworks with different mediums. All Projects(n) Next