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This composition takes place far in the future, where technology transcends time, space, and physical matter but only for a few. Here we see a compositor sitting at their station using illegal technology. Shown through the technique of a meta-screen, the compositor uses his highly advanced technology to edit the very present, his compositional choices deliberately modifying the present world. The world at his hands is vast and powerful but also incredibly dangerous. Within his exploit, he does not notice the consciousness with growing curiosity next to him. This malevolent creature spied on him through this doorway. As the creature makes his way into our world the compositor notices too late. The consciousness attacks, grabbing our reality distorting it to its whim, the world as we know it crumbles.

The techniques I used to create the meta screens editing reality and creature are:

  1. Keying (includes hard & soft key, despill) 
  2. Tracking (includes 2d, planar roto and camera tracking to match move, stabilize and corner pin)
  3. Rotoscoping
  4. Cleanup
  5. Grading 
  6. 3D Projection
  7. 3D Modeling (Particles)
  8. Distortion (using noise) 
  • Software



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